Cutlass! more to come

The book has an introduction to the rules, actions, skills and weapons, encounters and campaign sections.
The campaign system is really the heart of the game. Your crew will increase (or decrease!) in number, gain skills, injuries, weapons and better attributes. You will also earn money to buy equipment, crew members and territory. At the end of each game there is a post game campaign sequence where all this happens. Roster sheets, tokens, charts etc.. are all in the book. We will also supply online versions of these free of charge. 
You can also easily play one off games should you wish.

The game is land based. that's to say we haven't made rules for ship to ship combat. There's no reason you can't use the existing system aboard ships with existing  ship rules. 

Currently you have the choice of 7 different faction types to choose from: 
Royal Navy, Pirates, Privateers, Undead, Orcs and Goblins, Dwarfs, Elves. 

Each has different strengths in different areas represented by their stats and skills they can acquire. 
You must decide whether your crew wants to be famous or infamous at the start. Depending on your actions during in each game your crew will become more famous or infamous! You start with $500 and can purchase crew members, weapons as you choose. Allowing you from the start to go for a small well armed crew, or weaker with greater numbers. 

There are 8 different encounters in the book and 4 special encounters.  Encounters are basically the story line, guide to the game you're about to play. It outlines objectives, how to win and any post game events. 
A campaign is designed so that the players can invent a running storyline should they wish.
To this end the campaign can come to end. In the book once certain criteria are met, E.g a gang gets to a certain size this triggers the 'final reckoning!' 
So there will be an ultimate winner of the campaign.


The game is best played on roughly a 48" by 48" table with some scenery, buildings etc.. 

The game uses a dice system and the following dice:
D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20.

Broadly speaking, the dice represent the models statistics. So the higher dice you roll for a particular stat, the better you are. As you get post game increases you may for example increase a stat from a D6 to a D8, D10 to a D12 etc..
Dice rolls are also open ended. meaning should you roll a maximum you can roll again adding the totals and so on... 

There are 2 types of modifiers in the game. Weapons, skills, injuries and a number of things can trigger these. 
One is +1 dice, meaning you roll 2 of the given dice and choose the highest. The other is + 1 level, meaning you roll a dice level higher (eg a D10 would become a D12 for that roll). 

Models have stats in Reactions, Accuracy, Combat, Dexterity, Constitution, Damage, Daring. 
These are used throughout the game for the model to perform any given action. E.g Accuracy is used for shooting. 

more to come.