Cutlass skirmish game from Black Scorpion.

Cutlass! is a 124 page full colour rulebook for use with our Pirate and fantasy Pirate ranges! 
This superbly designed book includes all rules and templates for your Pirate skirmish games and campaigns! For more detailed information on the system and to see some page examples click here.  

The book contains great art, graphics and catalogue pages of Black Scorpion miniatures to help you choose your crew! Pick from 7 different factions to play with: Royal Navy, Pirates, Privateers, Orcs and goblins (who use the Giant!) Dwarfs, Elves or Undead!

 Written by Gav Thorpe and Adam Clarke.

La belle Alexi, une des héroïnes de Cutlass!...

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blackpeoplemeet a dit…

I'm excited to share even more activities and ideas with you! The first edition (happy dance!) comes out Sunday morning, December 11th! Here's a sneak peek of what's inside