Cutlass! more in details.

There are 2 types of modifiers in the game. Weapons, skills, injuries and a number of things can trigger these. 
One is +1 dice, meaning you roll 2 of the given dice and choose the highest. The other is + 1 level, meaning you roll a dice level higher (eg a D10 would become a D12 for that roll). 

Models have stats in Reactions, Accuracy, Combat, Dexterity, Constitution, Damage, Daring. 
These are used throughout the game for the model to perform any given action. E.g Accuracy is used for shooting.

There are no strict player turns in Cutlass. There is an active gang and inactive gang. A leader has a special stat called Authority. This is rolled at the start to give each player an 'action point' total. The highest is active. We provide special action point charts in the book to keep track. The active gang can declare an action (there is movement, shooting, combat and a catch all category called 'special actions' which involves re-loading, re grouping etc etc..) . T
he number of models that can perform that action is equal to the current action point total. E.g if you have an action total of 8 and declare a movement action, 8 models may move. You then reduce your action total by 1 to 7. 
Next  7 models can perform the given action.
At certain points the inactive gang can choose to try and 'Re act' should they wish. They make a test at the cost of 1 action point and if successful become the active gang immediately. 
In this way tactics come into play and when and how you choose to use your action points is very important! It allows for fast paced action games where the tide can quickly change in favour of the other player!  Once both players have an action of 0 there is a recovery phase, the leaders then re-roll their Authority test. 

Suffice to say you leader is very important to you!
The specifics of how each encounter is won or lost is detailed in the particular encounter. There is also a generic win/lose system for one off games or other encounters. We encourage gamers to create their own encounters and share them with the community.

The book is filled with superb graphic design, layout, artwork and photography. 
All the gameplay charts, rosters, tokens are at the back for you to photocopy. 
The book also contains a number of special characters and hired hands. These bring another level of depth and interest to your games. Being able to bring in Cannons, Giants, or Pirates of worldwide renown! 
Quick reference guide. Supplied at the back for easy use during gameplay.

And finally, the price : 20£