Nick, Bad Cop

”I do things by the book, my book!”

Lieutenant Nicholas Walker has sometimes been bad, and always been lucky. Corrupt and cocksure, Nick gets his man, anyway he can, even if it means doing things a normal cop wouldn’t do. Bluffing and bullying his way through the streets of New York, this highly decorated officer has put away hundreds of criminals and lined his pockets discreetly while he was at it.

Now, with no more crime and money meaningless, he desperately searches for his wife, rescuing and helping other survivors in the vain hope that someone has seen her.

El Cholo, Zombie Hunter

“I’m not angry, I’ll show you angry… Joder! ”

No one seems to know this gruff latino’s real name but everyone calls him El Cholo.

Whether he minds, or even cares is unknown, El Cholo rarely speaks, preferring to let his twin machetes do the talking. A hardened farmhand or possibly an ex-cartel enforcer, putting Zombies down at close quarters is El Cholo's specialty, and damn! he's good at it. The survivors whisper stories of hopeless last stands and daring raids, and El Cholo walking out covered in (someone else's) blood.