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The Walking Dead: All Out War
Miniatures Game
The countdown has reached zero, the fight for survival has begun.

The Walking Dead: All Out War Kickstarter has launched.

The Walking Dead: All Out War is the ultimate survival miniatures game. The characters, taken straight from the pages of The Walking Dead comic series, are pitted against each other in a bitter fight for supplies. You will lead a group of survivors, in a skirmish setting, trying to acquire precious loot…but beware the Walkers will react to your every move, and other groups want the same loot as you – and they do anything to get it!

In this game everyone and everything is trying to kill you – can you stay alive?
Rick and Carl battle against Derek and his group of survivors whilst Walkers lurk nearby...
We’ve just launched The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game on Kickstarter to offer our hard core fans the chance to get cool exclusives and the opportunity to get the game ahead of the full retail launch in October. The more people who support the campaign, the more survivors, equipment and walkers will get added – making that basic pledge level crazy good value.
Get on board and let’s visit the Atlanta Camp, and the Greene Family Farm, whilst meeting favourite characters such as Tyreese, Michonne and…the Governor.
The Walking Dead: All Out War Kickstarter is now live. It ends on the 29th February. Please help us spread the word.