There are 4 zombie types:
Walkers, Runners, Fatties and the Abomination.
- Walkers are the rank-and-file zombies, numerous, stupid and slow. Your average zombie.

- Runners are really fast and really smart. As they play twice per zombie's turn, they're your worst nightmare in close quarters.

- Fatties are hard to kill and come with an escort of two "walkers".

- The Abomination looks like an inexorable and overwhelming fattie. There's only one way to kill it and you need to combine Equipment cards to build the required weapon: a Molotov cocktail!

- They move according to the survivors they see and hear. Vision and noise are crucial to confront, avoid or possibly control the zombie horde.
- Zombies enter the board through "zombies spawn zones" defined by the scenario and manholes sketched over the game tiles. Opening the first door of a building also triggers a zombie spawn in each zone of the building.
- The way they spawn is defined by Zombie cards randomly picked from the Zombie deck. Pick one card per Zombie spawn zone. Each zombie card figures four combinations of zombies to put in play, one for each danger level. Pick a card, read the according line, put the zombie minis in play, it's as simple as that.
- Survivors don't freely choose their targets among zombies. The wounding priorities in any targeted zone are: Walkers first, then Fatties (including the Abomination) and, finally, Runners. Yes, runners indirectly benefit from the Fatties "meat shield" effect and consequently are the last to be eliminated. We told you they were smart. You were warned.
Moreover, survivors are priority targets for ranged combat. Never shoot in a zone including a fellow survivor AND zombies, you would kill your friend first. Going in hand-to-hand combat is the only way to help him/her. Will you take the risk?