Fenris : super adresse pour des socles résine de très belle facture et pas chers du tout : içi
leur site ebay direct.
une sélection de différents modèles : bois régulier, irréguliers, ruines ...excellent pour vos pirates et flibustiers !. Tous les socles sont en résine de belle qualité.
Fenris : here is my choice for pirates and privateers : regular floorboard, rough wooden timber and dungeon scenery bases. All in resin, high quality and great prices !


cianty a dit…

I can attest for the quality of Fenris Games bases. I tried a couple of copplestone bases from various manufacturers and FG are the best hands down. 99,9% bubble free and, most importantly, the bases don't "tilt".. like when the mold is on an uneven ground when the resin is filled in. I had that problem with other products. So, definately recommendable stuff! It is a shame that they don't have any 'planks bases' for 25mm bases as I don't want to use the large 30mm bases for 28-30mm miniatures.

Yiu a dit…

I also use Fenris Games and Tin Bitz 30mm resin bases for my Pirates miniatures.

Here is an option for 25mm round timber resin bases :



cianty a dit…

I know the B2B bases and I don't like them. :)

The Wolvesbanes however are new to me. Thanks! I really like this one.

Het a dit…

Fenris, still the best choice for me even in 30mm.
Quality and price are really good reasons ;)

geronimo a dit…

Hi all, geronimo from fenris here. Thanks for the comments - I'll add 25mm timber plank bases to the to-do list :)

Yiu a dit…
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Yiu a dit…

Nice to read your comment geronimo. I base 90% of my LOTHS miniatures on your bases : they are great.

You could also create some small spare parts in resin such as ropes, little chests, cannon balls,...we could glue on timber plank bases.

I did it on some of your bases and I could post a photo if you wish.

geronimo a dit…

Funny you should mention that....I'm working on sets of treasure chests and packing crates at the moment....

Always glad to see our stuff being well used !