Able Seamen

The Able Seamen for my Royal Marines crew. I tried to paint the same colour scheme for the uniforms to keep the coherency of the crew.

Les Marins de mon équipage de Royal Marines. J'ai essayé de peindre le même schema de couleur pour les uniformes afin de conserver la cohérence de l'équipage.


cianty a dit…

Once again some awesome miniatures! I particularly like the unusual red hair on the last Able Seaman on the third photo.

May I ask where you got the bases from? I haven't found any proper 25mm plank bases yet.

Yiu a dit…

Thanks Christian. Glad you like them.

I buy the resin bases from Fenris Games on Ebay :


The heroes are based on Tin Bits resin bases :


I am sure you know it as it is a german website.

You can also find nice bases here :


You have a sale on Fenris Games until may 16th : buy 2 and get one for free. Type code TGN1 in your order message box.

matt a dit…

Simple et diablement efficace, tu peux te mettre au décor sereinement...

cianty a dit…

Yeah, I ordered from Fenris Games just yesterday. :D I really like their 25mm flagstone bases. I can't find any deck bases in their store though. Are they 25mm or are they 30mm?

Yiu a dit…

They are 30mm bases and they also exist in larger sizes. Just have a look for regular floorboard.

cianty a dit…

Ah okay. I thought they were 25mm. In the 25mm category there doesn't seem to exist much... Anyways, thanks!